"Yellowknife is city of creative people, so we have decided to give you the possibility to learn everything about Design and its aspects".

Hello, my name is Romane, before I moved to Yellowknife,  I had worked in France and Switzerland for several years as a graphic designer. Since I moved to Yellowknife, I have set up my company specialized in web-design, 3D and communication GSTech.

However, I have been always thinking that it will be interesting to share my knowledge and show the power of visual communication as well as help you make your most incredible dreams come true!

I have tailored for you a customized training because I truly believe that only by having the opportunity to learn to apply the fundamentals of design, typography, illustration and production procedures in creative environment you can achieve the excellence!

Program "Photoshop for Beginners"

Day 1: 2 hours

Introduction to Photoshop and general Interface 
Theoretical part: work with layers, text, forms, colors and selection.
1. Draw a promotional coupon in Photoshop

2. Simple two-tone effect on the text.

3. Add the logo to the wooden background

Day 3: 2 hours

Questions & Answers

Theoretical part: filters, retouch tools and adjustments.
1. Sales chart

2. Weather icons 

Day 2: 2 hours

Questions & Answers

Theoretical part: advanced layers, masks, brush, pen tool.
1. Christmas card  

2. Post card 

3. Blending effects

Day 4: 2 hours

Questions & Answers

1. Personal photo's retouch

2. Magazine Cover