This web site was developed in 2 languages, French and English, in order to expand the activity of the company and to allow visitors to discover all range of services that this Shop is covering.

Each page is dedicated to specified activity of this company giving all information about this services. Option booking and Store was also developed in order to help the client to manage the events. Such as booking of the cooking classes and events with online payment, and dealing with the catering


Web site was developed in the way to give a full possibility to have complete control over their website. The challenge was to give the Chef the possibility to update some pages (as “Today’s Specials) every day in an effective and easy way.

The Radio Taiga web site was designed as part of their new effort to promote and develop a “French radio of NWT”. The web site is the main
source of information for their audience. It gives information about their
programmes and their authors, events, news, their services and also allow visitors to listen to their podcast et online version. It is also the main web site where people can find information about main event and news of Yellowknife French Community.
This web site was developed in the way to give full possibility to the Radio Taiga team to update information without any difficulties! Easy to use and understand platform allows them to keep their web site